The Sites

Our Freeport is made up of three key sites:

  • South Yard
  • Langage
  • Sherford

Each site has been identified as an important regeneration and development opportunity enabling us to undertake land remediation, core infrastructure and supporting transport works to maximise use instead of them remaining undeveloped and underutilised.
Combined the three sites of South Yard, Langage and Sherford create 88.3 hectares of land prime for innovation, investment and impact across our region.

The South Yard site

Located near the Port, is adjacent to the existing Oceansgate Enterprise Zone and will be developed as a tax site, expanding the existing Oceansgate footprint and forming the centrepiece of the Freeport’s Innovation Hotbed. Focusing on marine and defence sectors, the site will include an innovation centre and a mobility hub to unlock further development. Anchor tenant, Princess Yachts, will develop a new factory on land which they already own within the site and other current occupiers are considering plans to repurpose and redevelop key buildings and other infrastructure for new manufacturing capacity.

The Langage site

Located on greenfield land within the eastern corridor of the city and with a strategic employment designation, the Langage Site is to be developed as a tax site with a customs zone incorporated within it providing a variety of industrial and warehousing units with excellent access onto the A38 Expressway. The plans will bring with them a dramatic increase in skilled labour to the area. Some of the site will benefit from a private wires connection to Langage Solar Park, allowing occupiers to benefit from up to 100% green energy use. Planning Permission has been granted for a green hydrogen electrolyser to offer surrogate fuel sources to local industries looking to meet Net Zero targets and support alternative marine propulsion trialling.

The Sherford site

Located on the opposite side of the A38 Expressway to Langage forms part of the employment allocation of the Sherford new community. Plans are being considered to develop the site as a logistics hub with a coterminous tax and customs site boundary, providing integrated warehousing, storage and engineering space.