The Region

Our area has strong advanced manufacturing and engineering clusters with key specialisms in marine and defence where we can capitalise on major growing global markets. Spaceport Cornwall provides a new substantial prospect to establish a space cluster alongside these core regional capabilities. There are a range of opportunities within these sectors to put our area on the map as a science superpower, for example in autonomy and renewables, contributing to key national net zero agendas including short sea shipping within a smart port, autonomous and clean propulsion setting.

We also benefit from a range of natural and physical assets including:

  • A natural harbour and sheltered water with deep water access to the English Channel and Atlantic Ocean for prototype testing, ocean trials and offshore renewable support.
  • One of the largest naval bases in Europe with unique nuclear defence capabilities that allows for new applications, shipbuilding, transformative refits and on-shoring of specialist supply chains.
  • The UK’s first marine Enterprise Zone at Oceansgate, underpinned by the Ocean Futures regional programme for sub-sector specialisms and focused marine innovation.
  • World class businesses and research assets in marine autonomy and marine renewables with a plethora of high value and innovative civil and defence applications.
  • The UK’s first 5G connected ocean trialling area (Smart Sound) with plans to expand along coast and to subsea obstacle course and testbeds.
  • Established freight routes through the Port of Plymouth with scope for growth with new routes and further rotations.
  • Valuable waterside development sites with the potential to support marine/defence innovation and high value shipbuilding.
  • Significant development sites within the Eastern corridor and favourable planning policies through the Joint Local Plan.
  • A relatively uncongested major arterial road (A38 Devon Expressway) linking to the M5.
  • In neighbouring Cornwall, Spaceport Cornwall providing the first and only horizontal launch site in mainland Europe allowing for a satellite high value manufacturing and system integration cluster to form.