Location: Sherford

Sherford is a versatile greenfield site with access to both the region’s marine, defence and space expertise and supply chains for the Sherford new community.


Located on the opposite side of the A38 Expressway to the Freeport’s Langage tax site, Sherford is perfectly located to support the region’s marine, defence and space expertise.

The site offers 7.9 hectares of greenfield land with grid connectivity, ready for businesses to access the Freeport’s thriving innovation landscape.

The Sherford tax site is located adjacent to the Sherford new community, which blends residential, commercial, leisure and abundant green space to create one of the region’s most vibrant new towns. Businesses locating at the site have the opportunity to support the new community’s 5,500 homes, 4 schools, and 84,000 sqm of employment and retail space.


  • 7.9 hectares of versatile greenfield land ready to suit bespoke business needs
  • Existing grid connectivity
  • Immediate access to the Sherford new community

Plans are being discussed with an intended end-user to develop the site for logistics purposes providing warehousing, storage and engineering space.

Gateway Policy

The PASD Freeport recognises the importance of maximising additionality to the UK economy by attracting new high value investment within target sectors to the Freeport. These sectors are advanced manufacturing and engineering with a particular focus on marine, defence and space including low carbon applications.

This will be realised through establishing robust governance and management structures which align prospective tax and custom site tenants with the delivery of the identified Freeport benefits and objectives. The adoption of a Gateway Policy mitigates against risks to delivery of these benefits by providing clarity on the eligibility of prospective businesses and/or organisations into the Freeport sites.

To read PASD Freeport’s Gateway Policy please click here.


Contact us

For further information about the opportunities available at Sherford please contact the PASD Freeport team via info@pasdfreeport.com